Kids love having their name on everything. Check these 5 amazing personalized gift ideas that every child will absolutely adore! Don’t forget our Back To School Special on Personalized Backpack ends TOMORROW, August 10!

1. BACKPACKS – Besides the obvious reason that your child’s backpack will less likely be picked up by another child, personalized backpacks are fun!

2. IPAD AND PHONE COVERS – Kids love customized covers so why not have one made that features a design or photo that makes your child’s device unique.

3. PERSONALIZED CLOTHING – Ask your child to name a few of his or her favorite things, then make a unique T-shirt or hoodie with a design of a favorite animal, game or saying.

4. BEDROOM ACCESSORIES – A cool illustration with your child’s name will brighten up any bedroom. Let us help you create one that will be a treasured keepsake.

5. DOES YOUR CHILD COOK? – Kids love to have a matching outfit with their parents. Next time your child is helping you in the kitchen, give him or her an apron to match yours!

Have an idea, call us to discuss it, today at (504) 401-1309.

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